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Pav Bhaji

Savoring the tantalizing charm of Pav Bhaji is a pleasure unlike any other. Fusing together the flavors of spices and vegetables, it is an experience that’s famed across India.

This signature dish is popular among all food lovers. With its delicious concoction of potatoes, peas, beetroots, tomatoes, and herbs simmered in a butter-drenched gravy – it can be eaten for lunch or dinner with warm pav (a type of Indian bread).

Pav Bhaji is packed with nutritious ingredients. The spicy blend contains an ample mix of vitamins and minerals to boost your immunity and heart health.

Furthermore munching on Pav Bhaji can help you relax and have a good time. Enjoying delicious treats helps you destress while also giving you energy to stay focused throughout the day!

Plus it’s easy to make! It only takes 10 minutes to prepare as all its ingredients are readily available at any grocery store around you.

If making at home ensure you use high-quality vegetable oil when cooking the Pav Bhaji as it will give the dish extra flavor and texture thereon adding lots of butter while serving makes it all better!

Unleash your culinary creativity by topping off this vegetarian delight with some grated cheese or finely chopped onions, cilantro leaves or mint leaves – whichever ingredient works best for you

For those who love a little zing add mixes of chutneys such as tamarind, garlic , red chili or mint for additional kick – yum!

You can also serve piping hot Pav Bhaji with pieces of grilled bell peppers on top or have your favorite side like Papad or pickles at hand.

The real magic lies in its simplicity when eating this masterpiece – through each bite comes an explosion of colors from market-fresh vegetables and spices accompanied by fluffy Pav that never fails to tantalize the taste buds .

No wonder why everyone loves Pav Bhaji – go ahead & enjoy delectable plate without worrying about calories as this wholesome food item causes no bloating – Tempted yet? Give it a shot today !

  1. 1. Firstly, in a large kadai heat 1 tbsp butter and add vegetables. cook and mash well.
  2. Now add 1 tsp chilli powder, ¼ tsp turmeric, 1 tsp pav bhaji masala, 1 tsp kasuri methi and 2 tbsp coriander leaves.
  3. Heat a tbsp of butter and add ¼ tsp chilli powder, ½ tsp pav bhaji masala, 1 tsp kasuri methi.
  4. Also add 1 tbsp coriander leaves, 1 tsp ginger garlic paste, 1 onion and ½ lemon juice. saute well.
  5. Now add 3 drops of red food colour and mix well.
  6. Boil and mash for 5 minutes adjusting consistency.
  7. Finally, serve pav and bhaji as pav bhaji.


  • Firstly, prepare with butter for more street flavour.
  • Also, add vegetables of your choice to make it more nutritious.
  • Additionally, mash the baji well to get smooth silky consistency.
  • Furthermore, if you are looking to prepare in cooker then check the cooker recipe.
  • Finally, pav bhaji recipe tastes great when served hot and spicy.


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