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Annapoorna Javitri Mace

Enjoy the real taste of Javitri Mace from the Annapoorna line of organic products.

Product description

Annapoorna Javitri Mace is a premium-quality spice, sourced with utmost care to ensure its rich aroma and authentic flavor. Cultivated organically, this mace stands out for its purity and natural essence. Originating from the protective covering of nutmeg seeds, Javitri is known for its potential health benefits. It may aid in digestion and possess anti-inflammatory properties. Elevate your dishes with this aromatic spice, perfect for a variety of cuisines. Now available in our Kuala Lumpur store, Annapoorna ensures you get only the best for your kitchen.

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Recipes Using Annapoorna Javitri Mace



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