Annapoorna Organic, KL

Annapoorna Ajwain Seed

Enjoy the real taste of Ajwain seed from the Annapoorna line of organic products.


Product description

Annapoorna Ajwain Seed” is a premium offering from the trusted Annapoorna brand, now available in Kuala Lumpur. Sourced ethically, these organic ajwain seeds are a staple in traditional cooking, known for their unique aroma and flavor. Incorporating them into your dishes not only enhances the taste but also offers numerous health benefits. Ajwain seeds have been traditionally used to aid digestion, combat bloating, and offer relief from common cold symptoms. When choosing Annapoorna, you’re opting for a product that aligns with eco-friendly practices, ensuring both your health and the environment are cared for. Elevate your culinary experience with the authentic taste and quality of Annapoorna Organic Ajwain Seed.


Recipes Using Annapoorna Ajwain Seed



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