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Pulses are legumes that grow underground. They include beans, peas, lentils and chickpeas. These foods are rich in protein, fiber and minerals. They are low in fat and cholesterol. They are easy to digest and absorb nutrients quickly.

Pulses are often referred to as “the poor man’s meat” because they are inexpensive and easy to cook. They are also a significant source of iron and calcium.

They are also considered superfoods because of their high content of antioxidants. Antioxidants protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Free radicals are harmful molecules produced when oxygen interacts with certain chemicals. Some of these chemicals are found in cigarette smoke, air pollution and radiation.

Pulses are a staple food in India and Pakistan. They are rich in protein, fibre, iron, calcium, zinc and vitamin B6. In addition, pulses are low in fat and cholesterol and contain essential amino acids. The consumption of pulses has been linked to lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

Organic Farming of Pulses

Organic farming has been practiced since ancient times. It was introduced by farmers from Europe during the 19th century. However, it gained popularity in the 20th century when chemical farming became widespread. Today, there are many organizations that certify organic farms. These certifications are voluntary and do not require farmers to follow specific guidelines.

Organic farming requires less water and produces higher yields compared to conventional farming. This is because organic farming does not use chemicals that kill beneficial microorganisms. As a result, organic farming improves soil health and increases the availability of nutrients.

Annapoorna Organic Products is a premium brand of pulses that are grown organically in India. We import these pulses from different regions of India and sell them in Malaysia. These pulses are available in various forms such as dal, chana, moong, urad, masoor, rajma, mung beans, black gram, green gram, red gram, yellow gram, Bengal gram, lentils etc.

Organic farming for pulses is practiced by many farmers across India and Pakistan. Organic pulses are grown without using pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and chemical fertilizers. This means that they contain fewer toxins. In addition, organic pulses are harvested before they reach maturity, so they retain more vitamins and minerals.

Organic farming provides an alternative to conventional farming. It is a win-win situation for both farmers and consumers. Farmers earn more income while consumers enjoy healthier food.

Organic Pulses from Annapoorna Organic for You

We believe that every Indian and Pakistani deserves access to nutritious foods that are affordable and environmentally friendly. We hope our customers enjoy our range of pulses and feel empowered to choose healthier options.

Annapoorna Organic has been selling organic pulses since 2019. Since then, we have expanded our range of products to include organic rice, organic wheat flour, organic sugar and jaggery, organic dry fruits, organic oil and ghee, organic spices and organic superfoods.



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