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Ragi Puttu

  1. Dry roast Annapoorna Ragi Flour in a pan for 3 minutes until it slightly becomes coarse and sandy in texture.
  2. Add salt and mix well. 
  3. Sprinkle water little by little until it becomes like bread crumbs. The right texture is when if you hold the flour with your palm it should hold together but when pressed slightly it should easily crumble.
  4. Get a steamer – idly pot is fine, too – ready. 
  5. Also get some white cloth and put the Ragi flour in it. Add grated coconut. Roll the mixture into a shape of a pipe ("kuzha", as they call in Malayalam). Alternatively, you can also place the mixture directly on the plate without rolling it into a pipe. 
  6. Steam cook for 10-12 mins. You'll notice a change of colour. 
  7. Your puttu is ready. 
  8. Transfer it into a plate. 
  9. Add Annapoorna Ghee
  10. Add cardamom powder. 
  11. Add Annapoorna Jaggery powder. 

Serve it with an Egg omelette or Egg sunny side up and a Nendran banana. 

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