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#1. Food labeled "organic" has a minimum of 95% organic ingredients. It is eligible to use the USDA organic seal.

#2. What percentage of corn in the US is genetically engineered?

#3. What are the environment benefits of organic food?

#4. Which country is the largest consumer of organic food?

#5. How many pesticides are present in non-organically grown apple?

#6. Organic Rajma beans, also known as 'kidney beans' is produced majorly in

#7. Kalonji seeds, touted as 'seed of blessing'

#8. Which among the following is NOT a variety of wheat?

#9. How much saturated fats does Annapoorna Kismis contain?

#10. Which causes slow ageing and beautiful skin?

#11. Annapoorna Cinnamon powder...

#12. What product categories does Annapoorna Organic include?

#13. Where does Annapoorna Organic source its products from?

#14. How many tests are carried in Annapoorna Organic range of products?

#15. Kerala is famous for its

#16. Organic jaggery can be made from...

#17. Which among the following is a native of Europe and Mediterranean region?

#18. What is referred by the name Atukulu?

#19. Selenium, which is important for thyroid health, is found aplenty in

#20. Annapoorna Flax Seeds may help fight heart disease by...




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