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The Benefits of Organic jaggery

Updated on March 8, 2024

Those born with a sweet tooth will have to fight the battle against unhealthy calories for as long as they live. Even though there is no denying that the fight against harmful white sugar is never going to be easy, you will be happy to know that other alternatives are always available. Sugar options are available everywhere and in great numbers, but we are here to inform you not just about a healthy choice but what we have for you is also organic.

Say no to white sugar.

White sugar is bad for you because it contains high-calorie content which will eventually affect your heart and kidneys. Jaggery is a super healthy option to add to your diet. Starting today, you should try to replace all your sugar, especially in tea and coffee with jaggery powder. You can also start looking for easy dessert recipes to make at home where sugar can be replaced by jaggery. Jaggery or Gud is a sugar derivative made from either sugarcane or palm juice. Jaggery production requires craftsmanship as the fluid needs to be stirred continuously over the fire for hours to be reduced. Then pounded to be made into different forms like liquid, solid, or powder. The result is a golden-hued substance that is packed in flavour and delightful goodness.

The Benefits of Organic jaggery

Organic jaggery is produced from sugarcane or palm produce that has been grown without using any chemical fertilizer or chemical pesticides.

Such an agricultural practise makes sure that the food product retains its natural goodness and flavour. Along with killing the urge to consume unhealthy sugar, jaggery is also a beneficial source of carbohydrates. Carbohydrates primarily are considered harmful for your diet, but not all forms of carbohydrates need to be disregarded.

Some like jaggery can be consumed in multiple forms and can do wonders for your body by keeping it healthy and fit. It’s also good for fighting common cold and cough. Be it in liquid or powder form, jaggery helps flush out toxins from your body and cleanse your blood. It’s also a blood purifier, boosts immunity and is also known to help maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Jaggery is also a wonder food for your digestive system. It helps in cooling down the stomach, boosts intestinal health, aids weight loss and is an overall good source of energy. Opting for organic jaggery will make sure that you get full nutrition out of your food product. As a result, it will benefit your body more wholeheartedly because it won’t be compromised by any impurities.

Next time you crave a little something sweet after your lunch or dinner, make sure to keep some Gud handy. Pop a small lump into your mouth and relish its deep sugary goodness. Before that, make sure to check out your local markets and shops to find out the best Organic brand that promises unadulterated and pure jaggery goodness. 

Starting to crave the goodness of organic jaggery? Shop for Annapoorna Organic products. At Annapoorna, we pick the choicest organic produce from all over India and make it available for our customers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Is organic jaggery good for health?

Yes, organic jaggery is considered healthier than regular jaggery because it is made without any synthetic pesticides or chemicals, and it retains the natural vitamins and minerals present in sugarcane juice.

What is the difference between jaggery and organic jaggery?

The main difference between jaggery and organic jaggery is that organic jaggery is produced without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, whereas conventional jaggery may contain pesticide residues.

What is the color of organic jaggery?

Organic jaggery can range in color from golden brown to dark brown, depending on the type of sugarcane used..

What is the price of pure organic jaggery?

The price of pure organic jaggery may vary depending on the brand, the region, and the quality of the product.

How do you store organic jaggery?

Organic jaggery should be stored in an airtight container in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight, to prevent it from becoming sticky or moldy.

What is the shelf life of organic jaggery?

The shelf life of organic jaggery is generally around 6-12 months, if stored properly.

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