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Surprising Uses of Cloves in Indian Home Remedies and Ayurveda

Updated on February 5, 2024

The delicious aroma of cloves conjures up images of warm and spicy Indian cuisine, but these tiny flower buds do more than just heat up your favorite curries. Traditionally used in Ayurveda for their medicinal properties, cloves have found a place in various Indian home remedies, thanks to their unique combination of sweetness, bitterness, and astringency.

Why Cloves are Used in Indian Home Remedies and Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, cloves are valued for their healing properties that can trigger the flow of gastric enzymes, enhancing digestion. Common kitchen ailments, like flatulence and indigestion, can be quickly soothed with cloves. Not only do they stimulate the secretion of digestive enzymes, but they also improve motility along the digestive tract.

Benefits of Using Cloves for Health and Well-being

In addition to their digestive benefits, cloves offer a host of other health advantages. From boosting the immune system to reducing body pain, the manifold uses of cloves are astonishing. Here are a few significant benefits of using cloves:

  • Promotes Digestion: As per PharmEasy, cloves stimulate enzyme secretions and increases digestive motility, making them ideal for improving digestion.
  • Controls Diabetes: Cloves, combined with ginger, can potentially lower blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetics.
  • Good For Bones And Joints: The high manganese content in cloves supports healthy bone formation.
  • Boosts Immune System: High in antioxidants, cloves can effectively ward off free radicals, enhancing the immune system.
  • Reduces Body Pain: Cloves are widely acclaimed for their analgesic properties, especially in reducing toothache and joint pain.

As you navigate through this blog, you’ll discover various home remedies featuring cloves and how you can incorporate them into your diet for overall well-being.

Clove Oil for Oral Health

Despite their petite size, cloves deliver significant health benefits, particularly in the realm of oral health. Used historically and commonly in Indian household remedies and Ayurveda, one surprising utilization of this spice is the topical use of clove oil for dental pain and overall oral health.

How Clove Oil Helps with Toothaches and Gum Problems

Clove oil is nature’s answer for tooth pain and gum disease. This elixir contains eugenol, a powerful anesthetic and antiseptic that helps to numb nerves and fight oral infections effectively. A study revealed that clove oil could potentially have similar effects to benzocaine, a popular over-the-counter topical agent. In essence, clove oil provides immediate relief from tooth pain, gum irritation, and mouth ulcers.

Using Clove Oil for Bad Breath and Oral Infections

Beyond alleviating oral discomfort, clove oil serves as a natural remedy for bad breath and oral infections. Research indicated that the eugenol in cloves shows antimicrobial activity, eliminating harmful bacteria associated with periodontal disease and halitosis. Additionally, clove oil’s potent antiseptic properties help to keep your mouth clean and infection-free.

These surprising advantages make clove oil an impressive member of your oral health regimen. Remember, each herb and spice in your pantry may hold a wealth of health benefits waiting to be explored.

Cloves for Digestive Health

Cloves have been a staple of traditional kitchens and Ayurvedic medicine for centuries, prized for both their intense flavour and their medicinal properties. One area where cloves truly shine is in supporting digestive health.

Relieving Stomach Ailments with Cloves

Research shows that cloves are known to improve digestion by stimulating the secretion of digestive enzymes and increasing digestive motility. This results in reduced bloating and gas, making cloves an effective remedy for easing flatulence and gastric irritation.

Key Points:

  • Cloves stimulate the secretion of enzymes for digestion.
  • Cloves improve digestive motility, aiding in more effective food breakdown and nutrient absorption.
  • Cloves ease flatulence and gastric irritation, relieving stomach discomfort.

How Cloves Aid in Digestion and Improve Gut Health

Cloves are rich in eugenol, a compound that controls harmful bacteria, thus balancing the gut flora. This helps prevent gastrointestinal infections and improves overall gut health. Robust gut health not only facilitates better digestion but also boosts the body’s immunity.

Key Points:

  • Eugenol in cloves helps control harmful gut bacteria.
  • Cloves prevent gastrointestinal infections and improve overall gut health.
  • Cloves contribute to a robust gut health that, in turn, boosts immunity.

In conclusion, by integrating cloves into your diet, you can avail of their benefits in regulating digestion and strengthening gut health.

Cloves for Pain Relief

Cloves have been used in traditional Indian home remedies and Ayurveda for centuries, primarily for their pain-relieving properties. From easing headaches to soothing joint and muscle pain, let’s discuss how you can harness the healing power of cloves.

Using Cloves to Ease Headaches and Migraines

Cloves, particularly clove oil, are believed to provide relief from headaches and migraines. This is attributed to eugenol, a compound naturally found in cloves known for its analgesic (pain-relieving) properties. You can inhale the aroma of crushed cloves or apply clove oil directly onto your temples. According to a Times of India article, regularly inhaling the heady scent of crushed cloves can offer considerable relief.

Clove Oil for Joint and Muscle Pain

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, clove oil can also be used to soothe joint and muscle pain. Massaging a mixture of warmed clove oil and a carrier oil (like coconut or sesame oil) onto the affected areas can provide temporary relief from discomfort. Remember, always do a patch test when using essential oils directly on the skin to avoid any potential allergic reactions.

Cloves for Immunity and Respiratory Health

Cloves have been valued in Indian home remedies and Ayurveda for their medicinal properties. One of their most significant uses is in building immunity and maintaining respiratory health.

Boosting Immunity with Cloves

Cloves: A storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals, cloves are known to boost our immunity system. They are packed with antioxidants, which help the body fight against free radicals and protect the body from various diseases.

Cloves are also effective in fighting against infections due to their antifungal and antibacterial properties. Research even points towards the potential of cloves in combating the virus causing COVID-19.

Using Cloves for Cough, Cold, and Sinus Problems

Cloves act as an expectorant and can be used to soothe a cough and cold. Chewing a clove can give relief from sore throats and cough. For sinus problems, a solution prepared by boiling cloves can be inhaled to provide immediate relief.

Overall, incorporating cloves in your daily diet can greatly benefit the immune system and help manage respiratory health.

Skin Benefits of Cloves

Cloves, a staple in most Indian household kitchens, have been long trusted for their therapeutic properties in Ayurvedic medicine. But did you know that these fragrant spice buds can be a powerful tool for skincare as well?

How Cloves Help in Treating Acne and Skin Infections

The strong antibacterial and antifungal properties of cloves make them perfect allies in the battle against acne and other skin infections.

  • Clove oil, when applied topically, not only gets to the root of acne-causing bacteria but also soothes inflammation and reduces redness.
  • It helps in clearing blocked pores, thus halting future acne breakouts.
  • Regular use of clove oil can even clear out blemishes, ensuring a smoother and even skin tone.

For this, you can dab a few drops of clove oil on the affected area as a spot treatment, or mix it with your favourite cream for overall application. However, remember not to use clove oil directly if your skin is sensitive.

Using Clove Oil for Skin Health and Glow

Clove oil could also hold the key to youthful-looking skin. It’s known to combat signs of aging by tightening loose skin and preventing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You can add a few drops of clove oil to a carrier oil (like almond or olive oil) and apply a thin layer to clean skin. This routine, preferably at night, can give your skin a healthy, pleasant glow. Remember to always conduct a patch test before using clove oil directly on your skin.

Other Surprising Uses of Cloves in Ayurveda

Cloves, or Syzygium Aromaticum, have been a staple in Indian and other Asian cultures for centuries, not only for their fragrant aroma and spicy flavour in cooking but also for their myriad health benefits in Ayurveda.

Clove’s Role in Ayurvedic Medicine and therapies

Cloves are widely utilized in Ayurvedic treatments for a multitude of health conditions. For example, they are used to ease dental pain, treat digestive issues, improve blood circulation, and work as a powerful aphrodisiac. The oil extracted from cloves is also known to be beneficial in improving insulin sensitivity, thereby aiding in the regulation of high blood sugar levels.

Clove as an Ayurvedic spice for overall well-being

Cloves can be consumed both whole and in powdered form. When sautéed in ghee with other spices, they enhance the metabolism and help counteract bloating and nausea. Moreover, their eugenol content aids in reducing body pain and inflammation, offering relief from arthritis and other similar conditions.

Here’s a list of some important uses of cloves in Ayurveda:

  • Enhancing digestion
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Easing body pain and inflammation
  • Regulating high blood sugar levels
  • Using clove oil for oral health
  • Utilizing as an aphrodisiac

Remember, while cloves have noteworthy benefits, their use should be moderated, and any therapeutic use should be done under the supervision of an Ayurvedic practitioner.


In conclusion, this versatile spice, cloves, have a prominent space not only in our kitchen rack but also in traditional Indian Ayurvedic practices and home remedies.

Incorporating Cloves into Your Home Remedies and Ayurvedic Practices

So, how can you incorporate cloves into your home remedies and Ayurvedic practices? They can be used both in their whole and ground form. When sautéed in ghee with other spices, it can stimulate digestion and curb ailments like bloating and nausea. Clove oil is considered to be excellent for oral health and is a common ingredient in toothpastes and mouthwashes. Their robust and warm flavor even makes them perfect for enhancing the taste of your teas, curries, or baking delights.

Key Takeaways and Benefits of Using Cloves

Therefore, what must you remember about cloves? Here are the key takeaways:

  • Cloves are rich in antioxidants, minerals and packed with vitamins.
  • They help in stabilizing blood sugar levels and support liver health.
  • They provide essential nutrients even in small amounts.
  • Cloves have antimicrobial properties, combating the growth of bacteria.

By embracing cloves in your daily diet and wellness rituals, you can leverage their impressive health benefits while enjoying their unique flavor. So, don’t hesitate to sprinkle some clove magic into your routine!

Remember, Ayurveda is all about balance, and using this potent spice called ‘cloves’ can contribute significantly to achieving and maintaining that balance.

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