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Get Rid of Pesticides and Add Organic Foods to Your Diet

Updated on November 13, 2023

Many harmful chemicals in the form of pesticides have made their way into our foods, and ultimately into our bodies. Until a few years back, we had not realised the significance of this. Gradually, the situation is changing and there is a growing awareness about this. People are now more conscious about what they eat, and are taking a keen interest to ensure that the food that reaches their plate is free from these chemical pesticides. If you are yet unaware of the dangerous effects of the food laden with chemical pesticides, read on to understand how this is a major health risk for you and your family. We also recommend some simple and effective ways in which you can make a conscious switch and embrace a healthy future. 

Pesticides include an array of chemicals given to the crops in order to protect them from several forms of damages, like insects, weeds and adverse weather events. Such chemicals easily make their way into the crops, and often are found in the food we eat. Though these might sometimes be in negligible amounts, when consumed over a large period of time, these pose severe health hazards. It is found that people who consumed such pesticide laden food over a long period of time have a greater risk of developing serious ailments, including cancer. Pesticides are also known to cause diseases of the nervous system, and are often associated with bad immunity as well. If you want to save yourself and your family from these life threatening diseases, it is high time that you make the switch to organic foods. 

Organic foods are free from any disease causing harmful chemicals. Organic foods are the crops that are cultivated without the use of any chemical substance, and only with the help or organic manure like cow dung and kitchen waste, supported by efficient farming technology. Organically produced crops are free from any chemicals at all, and are rich in nutrients. These not only save you from harmful chemicals, but also add to the health and well being of your family because of their high nutritional value. 

Despite all the advantages of organic food, people do not have the time or energy or even the expertise to grow organic crops of their own. But that should not deter you from choosing organic. We at Annapoorna help you overcome this very barrier, and bring you closer to good health. No matter which part of the country you belong to, your staple is either rice or wheat. Thus the most important change that you can make to your diet is to substitute your regular rice or flour with organically grown rice or flour, such as Annapoorna Wheat Flour. Pulses too are a major source of nutrition throughout the country, and when you choose organic pulses and dals like the Annapoorna Masoor Dal or the Annapoorna Urad Dal, the nutrition that you get out of your food is far more than conventional pesticide laden dal and any kind of pulses. These are also free from harmful pesticides and chemicals, and are a guarantee of better health. 

We all now agree that health is wealth. This wealth and its care is in our own hands. When we choose organic food over the unhealthy pesticide filled food, we not only enrich ourselves, but also our families. There can be no better gift than the gift of a healthy life, and this can come about by your awareness and your simple choice to buy organic and eat organic. Your options are not limited to staples and pulses alone, but these also extend to spices and seeds and even to oils and superfoods. Annapoorna’s organic crops are grown with great expertise, cae and love, so you can make the right choice and add these organic goods to your diet, and get rid of the pesticides in your food. 

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Does eating organic foods reduce pesticide exposure in humans?

Eating organic foods may reduce pesticide exposure in humans, as organic farming prohibits the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers.

What are 3 ways to reduce pesticide residues in the foods you eat?

Three ways to reduce pesticide residues in the foods you eat include choosing organic produce, washing fruits and vegetables thoroughly before eating, and removing the skins of certain fruits and vegetables.

How do you remove 100% pesticides from fruits and vegetables?

It is difficult to remove 100% of pesticides from fruits and vegetables, but washing with water and/or vinegar, and peeling or removing the outer layer can help lower pesticide levels.

Does turmeric clean vegetables?

While turmeric does have antimicrobial properties, it is not a reliable way to clean vegetables.

What foods have no pesticides?

Foods that are grown using organic farming methods generally have fewer pesticides than conventionally grown foods.

What are 3 foods you should always buy organic?

Three types of produce that are recommended to buy organic are leafy greens, berries, and apples.

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